USIS Lawsuit: Local 3 and Contractor Defendants File Motion to Dismiss

The defendants in the lawsuit brought by USIS against Local 3 and five electrical contractors have filed for a motion to dismiss. The motion came after nearly seven years of pre-trial maneuverings at a cost of over $4.2 million dollars to Local 3. The case was filed in 2000.

Forest Electric, one of the defendants, broke with the other defendants and settled with USIS at a cost presently unknown due to a confidentiality clause incorporated within the settlement agreement.

The defendants had hoped they would all remain united in the fight against the unjust suit. Forest’s action assists USIS by paying them an amount presently undisclosed but aids their war chest in prosecuting the case against Local 3 and the ­remaining contractors.

“Our attorneys are quite confident that even if the case goes to trial Local 3 will prevail,” stated Business Manager Christopher Erikson. “Unfortunately, USIS has seen fit to file a second lawsuit in the federal courts. Both cases allege anti-trust violations by Local 3 and employers, which, if successful, would require Local 3 and the other defendants to pay treble ­damages.”

Possible liability under the first case is in excess of $30 million dollars and in the second is estimated at $12 million.”