MIJ Boot Camp - Pass the Skill

The following photos were taken of the newly installed MIJ Bootcamp:

MIJ Boot Camp Logo

MIJ Boot Camp Time-line

11/26/07 – Michael Yee asked by Chairman’s office to design performance evaluation booths

12/3/07 – Construction of booths began

12/10/07 – Electrical drawings, procedures, material lists begin to be made

1/22/08 - Sent 3 rank and file members to Ann Arbor MI. to train with the NJATC performance evaluation and craft certification class
The Local 3 members are Mike Valero, Keith Battcher, Bill Ward.

1/28/08 - Plans and procedures finalized

2/18/08 - Electrical equipment begins to be installed in booths by Local 3 volunteers

3/3/08 – Volunteer instructor meeting held in north room with over 100 rank and file members

3/10/08 – Train the Trainer courses begin for instructors

3/28/08 – Booths and procedures finalized

4/1/08 – 2 MIJ’s are the first to be evaluated