Westchester/Fairfield Electricians Ratify 5-Year Agreement

Local 3 members employed by NECA contractors in the Westchester/Fairfield Counties area study the proposed five-year agreement recommended by their negotiating committee. After lengthy discussion, the agreement was overwhelming approved.

Local 3 members employed by electrical contractors in Westchester County, N.Y. and Fairfield County, Connecticut ratified an historic 5-year agreement at the ratification meeting held Wednesday, May 7, 2008. The auditorium at White Plains High School was filled to near-capacity in order to hear the report and recommendation of the negotiating committee. The committee had ­negotiated both a five-year and a three-year agreement and recommended the five year agreement be ratified. It was passed after an open discussion. The vote was nearly unanimous.
The agreement, which expires on April 24, 2013, provides for an $8.00 per hour increase in wages over the five-year period. In addition the employers agreed to make weekly contributions that will increase each year to the 401(k) plan and will total 7.65% in the fifth year of the agreement.
The employers 401(k) contribution is a major improvement. In New York City, the employer has paid both the employer and employee FICA contribution either directly or in kind since the establishment of Social Security in 1936. By agreeing to make a contribution to the members 401(k) plan, the employers have taken a major step in equalizing the overall wage and benefit package between the Westchester/Fairfield electricians and their brothers in New York City.
In addition to the wage increases and employer 401(k) contributions, the employers also agreed to an additional fifty cent contribution to the ­Annuity Plan in May of 2009 and 2011. They also agreed to a $1 per hour increase to the Welfare Fund in the second year of the agreement. These improvements apply to all “A”-rated journeypersons.
“M”-Rated and Apprentices
Modest increases were negotiated in an effort to maintain our competitive position in the small works market.
“M”-rated journeymen are to receive the employer 401(k) contributions, an additional $0.70 in the fourth year of the agreement and their Annuity contribution increases by $0.10 per hour as well in the fourth year.
Apprentice wages are frozen for the entire length of the agreement, however they also receive 401(k) employer contributions and their Annuity contribution increases from $1.00 per day to $2.00 per day in the fourth year of the agreement.
Work Rules & Benefit Contributions
The 13% that had been contributed to the Vacation Holiday Unemployment Plan will now be made to the members 401(k) ­account. In addition it is now mandatory that all members contribute 1% to the 401(k) Plan.
MIJ electricians shall be required to successfully complete the test for E2 Connecticut Electrician’s License before being promoted to the “A” electrician’s status.
Employers with 53 or more employees shall be required to have a superintendent.
The Teledata agreement has been merged into the Inside Wiremen’s agreement.
Temporary light is reinstated in the 3rd year of the agreement.
The Work Sharing Plan in the White Plains area shall be modified to include mandatory hiring when the Plan goes into effect. Each employer shall hire 10% of the furlough-eligible employees who shall be guaranteed 26 weeks of employment unless the ­employer lays off 25% of his workforce in effect at the start of the furlough period or being terminated for just cause. Six months later the employer shall hire an additional 10 percent.
The agreement was negotiated by Business Manager Christopher Erikson and rank-and-file members of the Westchester/Fairfield area. The committee consisted of Theodore Jadus, chairman, Steven Blades, secretary, William Vanadia and John Marfia. They were assisted by Assistant Business Manager Paul Ryan and Representatives Michael Whalen and Thomas Capurso.

Local 3 members employed by NECA contractors in the Westchester/Fairfield Counties question their negotiating committee on issues presented for ratification. After discussing the issues, the recommended five year agreement was approved.