Long Island City Building Purchased For Development as Electrical Industry Training Center

Pictured is the building being purchased by the Educational and Cultural Fund located at 34th Street and 48th Avenue in Long Island City. The building will be converted into a state-of-the-art training facility.

The Electrical Industry has experienced a remarkable growth in workforce training. In an attempt to keep up with the fast-paced expansion and technological change within the industry, it has become evident that the current facilities for training are no longer sufficient. Presently, hands-on classes are conducted at the Electric Industry Center on Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Avenue in Queens; at 25 Park Place in Manhattan and at a temporary space in the Electchester Shopping Center. These locations are limited in size. To accommodate the industry changes and to keep up with training goals it became evident that a new, larger structure was needed.
Business Manager Christopher Erikson, the Joint Industry Board and the trustees of the Educational and Cultural Trust Fund have been seeking a suitable location that would consolidate the three locations into a single facility. It is anticipated the prospects for training members will be unlimited at the new location. For several years the search has led to unsatisfactory locations with limited square footage, a lack of convenient public transportation or excessive cost per square foot. Finally a suitable location ­became available and the Trustees decided to purchase a building to house the new Educational Training Center. The Training Center will be located at 34th Street and 48th Avenue in Long Island City, two blocks from the #7 line and a short distance from the Long Island Expressway.
With 75,000 square feet of space divided on three floors, the building has the capacity needed to house current hands-on training for apprentices, the MIJ Boot Camp, Motor Control, Photovoltaic Solar Installation, plus training in the new alternative energy technologies: wind turbines, ­energy efficiency, fuel cells, micro-turbines and building automation. The Electrical ­Industry is meeting the growing “green technology” construction needs, at the same time it is providing skill enhancement across all divisions under the Local 3, IBEW umbrella. The Educational and Cultural Trust Fund is now in contract and has started the due diligence period prior to the anticipated purchase.